miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

Dragonflies are beautiful and can look stylish hanging from your ear lobe or around your neck 24/02/2010 by Jordan.

Last summer was the first time I think I actually saw a real dragonfly - it was about the size of my hand and a fusion of lime and luminous green - it was so vibrant and beautiful it stopped me in my tracks and I followed it with my eyes until I made them sting - I didn’t want to blink just incase I missed a flutter of it’s wings - I loved that moment - even though the dragonfly was frantically busy looking beautiful - it froze me in time. I’m not sure if I shall ever see a dragonfly in such natural organic circumstances again but I hold on to our flirtation… Fashion Jewellery designer Eleonor is too, fascinated with dragonflies and it seems that after creating the insect-inspired Dragonflies collection - customers are flocking to get their hands on the elegant pendants and earrings; each piece uniquely decorated with a small Swarovski bead.

Dragonflies Collection

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